Chauncey Creek Is Almost Perfect…

Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier is tucked away down a curvy Maine seacoast road without a hint of the nearby I-95 roar.  The pier is on a narrow wooden deck with brightly painted picnic tables perched on a picturesque fresh tidal creek. Could I really be just an hour from Boston but here in Kittery, Maine?  It feels so far away.

The super fresh Maine-caught lobster and the pristine view are reason enough to make the journey.  “Four to five ounces of lobster in the hamburger roll,” proudly announces the friendly teenager taking orders.  It’s dressed the way I like it with mayonnaise, celery salt, and lemon juice, accompanied by salty ridged potato chips and a dill pickle slice.  It’s also BYOB.  On a weekday, there are a few customers and no competition for the tables right by the creek with a lovely view.  It’s relaxing to be sitting by water in the woods with a lobster roll and a beer.

Sadly—for me—their rolls are un-grilled and without butter, served at room temp.  I’m a stickler for toasted buns. The ambiance is lovely—a perfect summer moment.  Well, almost perfect.  ($14.95+tax) Tel 207-439-1030, Chauncey Creek Road, Kittery Point, Maine.  (Open May-Columbus Day)



A lobster dream in Brunswick, Maine…

I’m dreaming of the next time I eat a lobster roll at Libby’s Market in Brunswick, Maine.  Hands down this is the best one I’ve ever eaten and the best deal—stuffed full of exquisitely fresh lobster meat in a grilled “foot long” regular hot dog roll.  Co-owner Tina Libby said she doesn’t measure how much lobster she puts in each […] more

The coolest foodie bookstore in New England

  Rabelais Books in Portland, Maine is the New England epicenter for the best books about food, farming, gardening and wine.  I was invited there to give a reading from my book Lobster:  A Global History last month. The crowd of about 30 people seemed to be mostly ardent food aficionados, with maybe a passerby or two who wandered in. […] more

Rhode Island lobster rolls rock!

Matunuck Oyster Bar, on a saltwater pond, has a lobster roll for $15.95.  “This is good lookin…nice bun too, nicely toasted,” quipped my husband.  I just loved the look of this gem–the top-split roll stood right up, perfectly grilled, with tips of big lobster claws poking out of the roll on a bit of crisp green lettuce.  Smitten with just […] more

The Biggest Lobster Roll EVER…

Why have I been telling everyone about the HUGE lobster roll at Belle Isle Seafood in Winthrop, MA? Because it’s worth the side trip even if the flavor could be cranked up a notch. I counted 4 claws in the humongous pile of lobster meat in this sandwich. No wonder with a half-pound of lobster—pure unadulterated chunks lightly dressed in […] more