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Chauncey Creek Is Almost Perfect…

Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier is tucked away down a curvy Maine seacoast road without a hint of the nearby I-95 roar.  The pier is on a narrow wooden deck with brightly painted picnic tables perched on a picturesque fresh tidal creek. Could I really be just an hour from Boston but here in Kittery, Maine?  It feels so far away. […] more

A lobster dream in Brunswick, Maine…

I’m dreaming of the next time I eat a lobster roll at Libby’s Market in Brunswick, Maine.  Hands down this is the best one I’ve ever eaten and the best deal—stuffed full of exquisitely fresh lobster meat in a grilled “foot long” regular hot dog roll.  Co-owner Tina Libby said she doesn’t measure how much lobster she puts in each […] more

The coolest foodie bookstore in New England

  Rabelais Books in Portland, Maine is the New England epicenter for the best books about food, farming, gardening and wine.  I was invited there to give a reading from my book Lobster:  A Global History last month. The crowd of about 30 people seemed to be mostly ardent food aficionados, with maybe a passerby or two who wandered in. […] more