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A lobster dream in Brunswick, Maine…

I’m dreaming of the next time I eat a lobster roll at Libby’s Market in Brunswick, Maine.  Hands down this is the best one I’ve ever eaten and the best deal—stuffed full of exquisitely fresh lobster meat in a grilled “foot long” regular hot dog roll.  Co-owner Tina Libby said she doesn’t measure how much lobster she puts in each […] more

Rhode Island lobster rolls rock!

Matunuck Oyster Bar, on a saltwater pond, has a lobster roll for $15.95.  “This is good lookin…nice bun too, nicely toasted,” quipped my husband.  I just loved the look of this gem–the top-split roll stood right up, perfectly grilled, with tips of big lobster claws poking out of the roll on a bit of crisp green lettuce.  Smitten with just […] more

The Biggest Lobster Roll EVER…

Why have I been telling everyone about the HUGE lobster roll at Belle Isle Seafood in Winthrop, MA? Because it’s worth the side trip even if the flavor could be cranked up a notch. I counted 4 claws in the humongous pile of lobster meat in this sandwich. No wonder with a half-pound of lobster—pure unadulterated chunks lightly dressed in […] more